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Department of Medicine Resources
Emergency Policies
Emergency Action Plans
  CSE Assembly Points - Copy
  CSE Assembly Points
  CSE Eighth Floor Exit Routes
  CSE Fifth Floor Exit Routes
  CSE First Floor Exit Routes
  CSE Fourth Floor Exit Routes
  CSE Second Floor Exit Routes
  CSE Seventh Floor Exit Routes
  CSE Shelter Locations and Assembly Locations - Copy
  CSE Sixth Floor Exit Routes
  CSE Third Floor Exit Routes
  Emergency Action Plan - Clinical Support and Education Building
  Emergency Action Plan - Med Science 1-12-15
  Med Addition 1st Floor Exit Routes
  Med Addition 2nd Floor Exit Routes
  Med Addition 3rd Floor Exit Routes
  Med Addition 4th Floor Exit Routes
  Med School Assembly Point
  Med School Mechanical Rooms Exit Routes - Copy
  Med Science 1st Floor Exit Routes
  Med Science 2nd Floor Exit Routes
  Med Science 3rd Floor Exit Routes
  Med Science 4th Floor Exits Routes
  Med Science 5th Floor Exit Routes
  Med Science 6th Floor Exit Routes
  Med Science 7th Floor Exit Routes
  Med Science 8th Floor Roof Exit Routes
  Severe Weather Alert Protocol
Fiscal Policies and Forms
HR Policies and Forms
Other Policies and Forms
  2017 Annual Faculty Reporting Form
  2017 Chair's Faculty Evaluation Form
  2017 Promising Practices
  2018 StandPoint Data for All SOM Faculty
  2018 University of Missouri School of Medicine Faculty Engagement Survey Executive Summary
  2018 University of Missouri School of Medicine Staff Engagement Survey Executive Summary
  Abridged Hires.pdf
  Academic Requisition.docx
  Academic Requisition_Chief Resident and Clinical Instructor.docx
  Academic Requisition_Post Doctoral Fellow.docx
  Academic Worksheet Template.xlsx
  Adjunct Renewal Letter.docx
  April 2018 FAC Minutes
  April 2018 Minutes
  Bedside Meds
  Biochemistry Post-tenure Review Policy
  COACHE & Faculty Forward Survey Results for Council of Chairs - Presented June 2017
  Conrad Agreement.docx
  Contract_PA Fellow.docx
  Covenant Not To Compete_Nonsurgical.docx
  Covenant Not To Compete_Surgical.docx
  Curriculum Board Bylaws: Proposed Revisions
  FAC minutes 9_10_18 minutes.pdf
  Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes: December 11, 2017
  Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes: February 12, 2018
  Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes: September 11, 2017
  Faculty Demographic Administrative Title Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Age Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Appointment Rank Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Appointment Type Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Clinical Care Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Department Type and Degree Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Department Type Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic First Appointment Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Gender Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic LGBTQAI Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Mentoring Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Race Report.pdf
  Faculty Demographic Tenure Status Report.pdf
  Faculty Forward Survey Results
  Hiring Incentive Agreement_Multi Payment and Years_2017.docx
  How to Hire a Temporary Employee-NO BENEFITS.pdf
  Mission, Vision, & Bylaws of the Faculty
  Missouri Faculty PowerPoint Presentation.pdf
  Missouri School of Medicine Faculty and Staff Presentation.pdf
  Missouri School of Medicine Staff Presentation.pdf
  Moving Allowance Agreement.pdf
  NTT Clinical Track Guidelines
  NTT ProfessionalPractice Track Guidelines.pdf
  NTT Research Track Guidelines.pdf
  NTT Teaching Track Guidelines.pdf
  October 11 2017 SOM Orientation Agenda and Presentations
  Offer Letter Template_Clinical Instructor.docx
  Offer Letter Template_NTT Clinical Track.docx
  Offer Letter Template_NTT Professional Practice Track.docx
  Offer Letter Template_NTT Research Track.docx
  Offer Letter Template_NTT Teaching Track.docx
  Offer Letter Template_Part-Time Adjunct Faculty.docx
  Offer Letter Template_Research Scientist.docx
  Offer Letter Template_Tenured Clinician Scholar Track.docx
  Offer Letter Template_Tenured Research Scholar Track.docx
  Offer Letter Template_TT Clinician Scholar Track.docx
  Offer Letter Template_TT Research Scholar Track.docx
  P&T Guidelines for Clinician Scholar Path
  Position Justification Form.docx
  Position Justification Form.docx
  Proposed Changes: Mission Statement for Medical Education
  PT FacultyPhsycian Recruitment Process
  Slide deck for May 17th SOM Orientation
  SOM Analytics Dashboard Cheat Sheet
  SOM Faculty Vacation and Business Travel Policy
  SOM FT Faculty Recruiting Workflow.pdf
  SOM_Tenure-Track_Clinician_Scholar_Path_1July2010 (1).pdf
  SOM_Tenure-Track_Research_Scholar_Path_1July2010 (1).pdf
  Student Loan Repayment Form.docx
  Student Loan Repayment
  Summary of Faculty Evaluations
  Tenure Timelines
  Work Flow Chart-Postdoctoral Fellows.pdf
  Work Flow Graph.pdf
Medical Pharmacology and Physiology
Office of Research
  Academic Requisition.docx
  Academic Requisition_Chief Resident and Clinical Instructor.docx
  Covenant Not To Compete_Surgical.docx
  NTT Teaching Track Guidelines.pdf
  Offer Letter Template_NTT Professional Practice Track.docx
  Offer Letter Template_NTT Research Track.docx
  Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for Clinician Scholar Path
  Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for Research Scholar Path

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